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Special offer! The lowest price in Berlin

We can duplicate every key you have!

The prices may vary depending on the model and safety class of the key. Standard keys, for example mail box keys, will costs always 4,50 euro. While special keys for advanced cylinder locks or security systems costs around 30,00 euro. You can see a price list with some examples of keys below.

Standard Key

only 4,50 Euro

Key Types:
House-, apartment key (standard) 4,50€
Room door key (standard) 4,50€
Padlock key (standard) 4,50€
Mailbox key 4,50€
Mailbox key double-sided 6,50€ 4,50€
Wardrobe key 4,50€
Wardrobe key double-sided 6,50€ 4,50€

Non-standard Key

from 15,00 Euro

Key Types:
House-, apartment key (non-standard) 15,00€
Room door key (non-standard) 15,00€
Padlock key (non-standard) 15,00€
Garden gate, garage door key 15,00€
Warded lock key from 15,00€
Round-, Cross-Warded lock key 15,00€
Drillbore key 15,00€

Bike & Car Key

from 10,00 Euro

Key Types:
Bike lock key (standard) 10,00€
Bike lock key (non-standard) from 15,00€
Moped and scooter key 10,00€
Car key without chip from 10,00€
Car key with chip from 100,00€
Car key for oldtimer car from 25,00€

Special Key

from 30,00 Euro

Key Types:
House-, apartment key (special) 30,00€
Room door key (special) 30,00€
Padlock key (special) 30,00€
Garden gate, garage door key (special) 30,00€
Key with security card from 30,00€
Double-Warded lock and safe key from 45,00€

How can I get a copy of my key?

Just come to our store in Berlin Mitte and bring your original key. Depending on the type of your key it takes between just one minute and a day to make a copy of more complex type. It's so easy!

Get a online copy of your key

You can easily get a copy of your key from everywhere! Just make a photo of your key and send it via WhatsApp, get a price, send us your original key and get your keys back with copies with free shipping within Germany.

You will find us in the heart of the capital Berlin

You can reach us easily by public transport: we are in close proximity to the metro station U-Bahnhof "Rosenthaler Platz" as well as the tram station "Rosenthaler Platz" on the lines M8 и M1. Or by car - free parking on the Brunnenstraße street included.