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Special offer! The lowest price in Berlin

Locking systems

We offer you the best selection of security technology in Berlin and Brandenburg: bar locks, crossbar locks and locking systems from certified and selected partners. Of course we take care of the installation on site and will be happy to advise you in the areas of security for your home!

Since 2016 we have significantly reduced our prices to be more competitive: take advantage of this promotion and ensure the best security in your own "four walls" at an unbeatable prices!

With Swiss Sector security systems you can have worry-free vacations!

The Swiss Sector bar lock and cross bolt lock offer optimum security thanks to break-in protection (according to DIN X6J drilling protection standards). In case of manipulation attempts, the profile cylinder breaks at a predetermined breaking point. This is because the front part of the profile cylinder breaks in a controlled manner as soon as the profile cylinder is pulled or broken. This ensures that the burglar needs considerably more time and effort to break in. This valuable time increases the chance that the burglar will be discovered at the scene of the crime in time or will abandon his attempt.

Security card:

You will receive a security card from us with your Swiss Sector product. Only with this card you can order additional key copies.


4 years warranty on all Swiss Sector products.

VdS Zertifikat:

We have received a VdS certificate for Swiss Sector products that we sell.

Additional offers

We offer a large selection of locking systems from various manufacturers and price ranges. Just visit us in Berlin Mitte or visit our online shop!


All prices include german tax (MwSt).